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Our core team comes from a very outdoorsy background. We are avid fishermen who have spent countless hours on the water. The amount of trash and pollution that we have seen is both saddening and alarming.

We wanted to develop a project that was both fun and beneficial for our planet. In doing so, we have decided to make a sizeable donation to an ocean cleanup charity that is going to make a true difference in the world.

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trash to treasure utility overview


TrashPile holders will be able to participate in the trash to treasure recycle events each month

Each month, a small set of treasure keys will be available to mint.

These treasure keys will allow TrashPile holders to burn their TrashPile and their trasure key to create a very limited TrashPile NFT.

TreasurePile NFTs will be of the highest quality 3D artwork.

Each month will highlight an area of the world that will be the focus of the trash cleanup donations.


A local artist from the area of highlight will create unique artwork for the limited TreasurePile collection.

As more months pass and original TrashPiles become TreasurePiles, the scarcity of TrashPiles will increase and the TreasurePiles they become will be of extremely limited supply, unique to the region and month they were created.

Money raised from the minting of each month’s treasure keys will be donated to a trash cleanup charity of the communities choice.

Much like TrashPiles, TreasurePiles will have built in royalties on secondary transactions to donate funds to charity forever.


The Roadmap


pre-launch phase

marketing campaign begins

OG Junkie Private Sale:

Whitelisting application phase for 100 members. OG private sale will be held.

Heavy marketing (influencers etc.)

Whitelist presale

Public mint

Minting Completed

Post launch marketing

Trash to Treasures process begins..

Community building


First $5,000 donation

WHitelisting phase for presale

Charity donation:

$35,000 donation to an ocean cleanup organization.

Charity donation:

$60,000 donation.

Post-Launch Phase

Tesla Giveaway to a TrashPile holder

Large announcement about Trash to Treasures utility!

To be continued…

Meet the team




I’ve been an outdoorsman all my life. Spending time on the water and in the woods has given me the biggest appreciation for the natural world. It hurts me seeing trash and other pollutants in places where they aren’t controlled and don’t belong. We’ve created TrashPiles to try and help mediate that and we hope you’ll stick around for the ride.




Practically born on the water, my dad used to strap my car seat into his boat and take me fishing. Spending countless hours on the water, seeing our oceans get abused hurts and is something that needs to be addressed. With the booming NFT industry I think we can create something great and help save the oceans.


Junk King

Lead Technical Guru

Growing up, the beach was basically my second home. The ocean is very sacred to me and needs to be protected at all costs! I'm very passionate about the project and look forward to the impact we will make on our beaches!